Redefining Medical Education with Augmented Reality

Medical Education with Books and Videos is a Thing of the Past

With TeachAnatomy and TeachApproach, preparations for anatomy exams and orthopedic approaches become straightforward - and more fun. Dive into anatomy and orthopedic approaches via smartphone, tablet, computer or AR device.

Success Instead of Headaches

We want to make life easier for the doctors and surgeons of tomorrow to achieve academic and professional success by introducing revolutionary learning methods. This is why we have developed augmented reality applications for both medical students as well as physicians - TeachAnatomy and TeachApproach.

Multisensory Learning Experience

Immerse yourself into human anatomy. Grab, hear and see photorealistic anatomic models from a dataset of over 90'000 structures

AI Learning Engine

Our artificial intelligence analyzes your performance, detects learning potentials and provides you with exactly the right tasks.

Instant Feedback

Receive direct feedback and suggestions for improvement. Track your learning progress at any time thanks to a detailed evaluation.

Aqcuire Knowledge that Sticks

With Augmedi's AR learning applications, shortmemory learning is a thing of the past. Thanks to the photorealistic representation of all anatomical elements, knowledge is proven to be remembered for longer.

TeachAnatomy and TeachApproach in Action


Photo realistic models

Our own models are generated from body donations which comply with the highest ethical standards. Our specially developed scanning technology delivers photorealistic models.

AI Trainer in Detail

Our learning program continuously adapts to your level of knowledge. This includes not only the repetition of questions and individual feedback, but also biofeedback. By clearly pointing out gaps, you can learn in a more targeted and stress-free way.

Omnichannel Learning Experience

Whether from home, in the library or in the operating room: With Augmedi AR software, you can learn anywhere. Users profit from Augmedi's omnichannel availability, meaning that you can access our software via smartphone, tablet, computer and AR device. Several users can share the same glasses thanks to individual logins, which makes them ideal for use in a university or clinical environment, whether in the form of courses or a lending system.

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